Tellstraße 10, 12045 Berlin
Start of construction: 2019


The new hotspot in Berlin: Neukölln. This building is at Tellstraße 10. It is one of the few on the market in this neighbourhood without “Milieuschutz” social environment protection status. This means it can be changed structurally and converted into owner-occupied apartments. Twenty-four residential units are available for sale in three different categories.


Object data

Building: Old building: front-facing section with side and transverse wings
Units: 24 Apartments
Apartment sizes: 1- to 4- rooms with 36 to 149 m²
Living space: 1.693 m²


There is a dream home here for everyone, from turnkey apartments, to units ready for you to develop, to fully renovated attic flats.



This is where our project is located: Tellstraße 10, 12045 Berlin


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